Waiver Requirement

2023-2024 Plan Year

If you are eligible to enroll into the Premier Plan, you will be mandated to enroll in the plan and a fee will be posted to your student account, per your applicable Term of Coverage . If you apply for a waiver during your applicable Open Enrollment Period, the entire student fee will be refunded, upon approval. Prorated refunds are not granted.

You may apply to waive the Premier Plan offered by the University during your applicable Open Enrollment Period, if you have other adequate health insurance that meets the criteria listed below. You are responsible for understanding your health insurance coverage. To help you to choose, review this coverage Checklist. When you complete a waiver you are attesting that your other coverage meets the University’s requirements below:

  • A Plan that has full coverage in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, if you will be located in the D.C metropolitan area.
  • A Plan in effect no later than the last day of your applicable Open Enrollment Period that will remain in effect for the remainder of your Academic Year.
  • An Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant plan to include,
    • Essential health benefit coverage
    • In-patient and outpatient medical care
    • Maternity care
    • Mental health benefits
    • Pharmacy benefits
    • Preventive care
    • An unlimited benefit maximum
    • No internal benefit limits
    • Immediate and unlimited coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Plans Not Acceptable for Waiver Submissions

Short term plans; international medical plans domiciled outside of the US, if studying in the US; temporary or supplementary riders; and/or, travel plans will not be considered acceptable other coverage for waiving the Premier Plan.

J1 & F1 Visa Holder’s Enrollment Requirement

If you are a J1 or F1 visa holder studying in the US and eligible for the Premier Plan, you are required to purchase it for all intents and purposes with few exceptions, link above for exceptions.

Documentation of Other Coverage for Your Entire Academic Year

In addition to submitting an online waiver, additional proof of coverage may be requested, such as a Certificate of Coverage issued by your insurance company and written in English. A Certificate of Coverage is a 1 to 5 page document provided by your insurance company summarizing your benefits and your dates of coverage.  Obtaining a Certiicate of Coverage may take several weeks to obtain and must:

  • Indicate specific coverage of the benefit criteria and provisions listed on this web page
  • Indicate that the coverage will remain in effect for the entire academic year, beginning no later than the last day of your applicable Open Enrollment Period – September 15 , or January 31
  • Clearly differentiate the required medical coverage from optional accidental death and dismemberment coverage
  • Indicate coverage for emergency and non-emergency care in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area
  • Specifically state coverage amounts in U.S. dollars.

All waiver questions must be answered and are subject to approval by Student Health Insurance (SHI). Contact SHI if you haven’t received an email after 10 business days about your waiver submission.