Virtual Services

Emotional Support Help Line

If you are experiencing anxiety or stress due to recent developments around coronavirus, Optum offers immediate access to mental health specialists.  Its toll-free help line will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Services are free of charge and open to all, call 866-342-6892.

BetterHelp Virtual Counseling Appointments

With current coronavirus concerns and the stress of finals on the horizon, know that BetterHelp is another convenient counseling option for you.  BetterHelp offers free non-emergency counseling services through August 14, 2020, to Premier Plan members.  Others are charged $40-$70/week, billed monthly. With your insurance ID Card readily available, register with BetterHelp; within 24 hours a counselor will email you to arrange a virtual meeting or phone call.

HealthiestYou Virtual Medical Visit

While away from campus take advantage of HealthiestYou.  HealthiestYou offers a virtual medical visit that is free of charge to Premier Plan members and is available to others for around $40. Accessing a virtual visit is an efficient method of obtaining medical advice about the coronavirus. With your insurance ID Card readily available, register with HealthiestYou.

Coronavirus Testing

Federal, State, and local governments continue to roll out testing through unique methods to include drive up venues in parking lots in communities with a concentration of infections. Go to your State Health Department (new window) website for updates on obtaining testing in your area. Access to testing is evolving. Updates will be posted on this page.

Coronavirus testing is paid at no cost to Premier Plan members when obtained at approved locations and in accordance with Center for Disease Control guidelines. All other coronavirus treatment is paid as any other illness. For example, although the test is free of charge, Deductibles, Copayments, and Coinsurance apply to other treatment charges such as Office Visit charges. Therefore, consider a free of charge HealthiestYou virtual visit. If you are at high risk and have symptoms, HealthiestYou providers will advise on how to access testing.  If you require an Office Visit within the U.S., contact a Choice Plus PPO provider to schedule an appointment.

New Premier Plan Online Portal for Out-of-Network Claims Reimbursement

If you go to an out-of-network provider anywhere in the world, you will pay for services at the time of the visit.  Secure, online claims reimbursement is now available for Premier Plan out-of-network claims. Learn more about this new claims portal, reimbursement will be easier and faster.