Virtual Services

Emotional Support Help Line

If you are experiencing anxiety or stress due to recent developments around coronavirus, Optum offers immediate access to mental health specialists.  Its toll-free help line will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Services are free of charge and open to all, call 866-342-6892.

Medical and Behavioral Telehealth Service Consolidated, Effective August 15

Healthiestyou behaviorial telehealth services will replace Betterhelp, thus allowing the telehealth services for medical and mental health to be consolidated under one company.  There will be no out-of-pocket cost when Premier Plan members access Healthiestyou services.   Effective August 15, go to to register with Healthiestyou.  (Note: will be included on your new ID card.)

You will need to find a new provider if your Betterhelp provider isn’t also a Healthiestyou provider, so check with your provider.  Students currently using Betterhelp will have a 45 day extension of service to find a new Healthiestyou provider.   After September 29, Betterhelp will charge $200/month for services.   UHCSR has comprehensive FAQs about this transition, please go to their website for further details. Also, if you are insured under the 19-20 Premier Plan, expect to receive an email from Betterhelp about transitioning to Healthiestyou.

HealthiestYou Virtual Medical Visit

While away from campus take advantage of HealthiestYou.  HealthiestYou will continue to offer a virtual medical visit that is free of charge to Premier Plan members and is available to others for around $40. Accessing a virtual visit is an efficient method of obtaining medical advice about the coronavirus. With your insurance ID Card readily available, register with HealthiestYou.

Insurance Company Virtual Service Benefits Announcement

United Healthcare StudentResources (UHCSR) expressed in the March 2020 statement below that it will consider claims for virtual medical and mental health treatment by physicians practicing within their scope of their license.

At UnitedHealthCare StudentResources (UHCSR), we believe it is crucial to support members who may be confined to their homes due to the COVID-19 outbreak. UHCSR is taking steps to ensure that we make it easier for our members to continue to receive appropriate treatment during this time, we are encouraging providers and members to use video-enabled virtual visits or telephonic care as needed. Charges for video-enabled virtual visits or telephonic care, including but not limited to telephone, skype, chat and online, made by physician’s working within the scope of their license will continue to be considered under the policy benefits. 

We are unable to provide any instruction (CPT codes, Place of Service, etc.) on how to bill for the services that are being provided. Participating providers that have questions regarding tele health services may go to (new window) (medical) or (new window) (behavioral health) and Non-participating providers that have questions regarding tele health services may go to (new window).

New Premier Plan Online Portal for Out-of-Network Claims Reimbursement

If you go to an out-of-network provider anywhere in the world, you will pay for services at the time of the visit.  Secure, online claims reimbursement is now available for Premier Plan out-of-network claims. Learn more about this new claims portal, reimbursement will be easier and faster.