Premier Plan Changes

Highlights of 2018-2019 Benefit Changes

The 2018-2019 Premier Plan was renewed with significant new enhancements for a very reasonable increase, 8.5%.

The amount students spend out-of-pocket has been capped at $5000, down from $6350.  Insurance pays 100% of covered expenses, thereafter.   If this were the only enhancement, more than 80 students with expensive medical treatment were estimated to have saved $1350, each.

However, in addition to reducing the out-of-pocket maximum,  most students who see a specialist or who have an inpatient admission will pay half as much as last year.  Students’ share of expenses for most in-network care has been changed to 10%, down from 20%.  (Services rendered at the Student Health Center continue to be paid at 100% after a small co-payment.)

With these changes, not only do the estimated 80 plus students who need expensive medical treatment benefit, but more than two thousand more students benefit, too.  Very few students are expected to reach the out-of-pocket maximum…not because it is a high maximum, but because the students’ share is reduced so much that reaching it takes twice as long.