Acceptance Terms of Agreement

2023-2024 Plan Year

Notification of University Mandate

Georgetown University (GU) requires most students in a degree progam (that is not primarily online who are registered for purposes other than enabling plan eligibility) to enroll in the Premier Plan unless proof of other coverage that meets the University’s requirements is satisfied.  A charge for the Premier Plan is placed on eligible students’ accounts. 

Eligible students are mandated coverage only once per academic year and receive a charge on their student account for their applicable Open Enrollment Rates and Dates.   Once an eligible student is enrolled, the coverage remains in effect for the remainder of the Plan Year, through 8/14/2024.  Prorated refunds are not granted.

Fall annual Plan acceptances also apply, as a default, to applicable 2022-2023 Early Arrival elections in the summer.

Late Enrollment Notification

Only eligible students within 31 days of certain circumstances may purchase the Plan, late, after their applicable Open Enrollment Period.

Student Agreement Subject to Applicable Student Code of Conduct

I accept the UnitedHealthcare Premier Plan Designed for GU Students.  I understand that the premium for coverage is or will be included on my student account. I understand that I must actively attend classes as an eligible student for at least 31 days after the effect date of coverage; otherwise, I will become ineligible and my premium will be refunded.

I also understand and agree that partial refunds are not granted, even if I purchase other insurance for myself and/or for my dependents after Open Enrollment. Also, I understand and agree that if I use the Plan, I am obligated to pay for the Plan.

I understand that the submission of an acceptance to Student Health Insurance indicates agreement to these Terms and Conditions. In addition, a Fall 2023 acceptance also indicates acceptance to the 2022-2023 Early Arrival Premier Plan, if mandated and charged, and is subject to applicable Student Code of Conduct Provisions.