Open Enrollment Rates and Dates

2019-2020 Plan Year

Eligible students are mandated coverage only once per academic year.  Approximately 14,000 students are eligible in the Fall semester for the annual Plan and approximately 1,000 students become eligible for the first time in the Spring semester.  The premium rates, coverage dates, and Open Enrollment dates are below.  If you are an undergraduate student, receiving financial aid, and are accepting the Premier Plan contact the financial aid office to determine if you qualify for an increase in funding. An administrative fee up to $57 is included in the rates below.  Prorated refunds are not granted.

Fall 2019-2020 Plan Year:

Term of Coverage: 8/15/2019 – 8/14/2020
Applicable Open Enrollment Period: Late June – September 15, 2019

  • $2,895 per student
  • $5,790 per student and spouse or student and one child
  • $8,685 per student and two or more children
  • $8,685 per student, spouse, and one child
  • $11,580 per student, spouse, and two or more children