Other SHI Plans & Services

Student Health Insurance negotiates Plan benefits and coordinates enrollment with Program Administrators from all Campuses, e.g., Main, Medical, Law, and School of Continuing Studies, for the Study Abroad and the STINT Plan.  The Program Administrators are responsible for coordinating lists of students with SHI and distributing the ID cards and insurance information to their respective student groups.

Study Abroad Plan

When traveling abroad for GU sponsored education, students are required to enroll in the Study Abroad Student Health Insurance Plan arranged by CISI Insurance Worldwide, an insurance agency. In addition, most full-time students must be enrolled in another health insurance plan that covers medical expenses with an unlimited maximum benefit in the D.C. metropolitan area.

These requirements enable our students and the University to better manage the health care challenges presented abroad, as indicated below.

  • Students can obtain the necessary health care while abroad
  • Students can return to the United States with medical assistance when medically necessary
  • Students can obtain the necessary health care upon their return home
  • One company facilitates emergency services abroad on the students’ behalf


The STINT Plan is for incoming international students studying at Georgetown for a short term and meets the minimum requirements established by Federal Regulations for J1 or F1 visa holders.  The charge for the STINT Plan is placed on the student account of each eligible student who is not insured by a sponsor.  The cost of the coverage differs for each student group according to the duration of their on campus short term program.