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The GU Student Health Insurance Office is responsible for corresponding with more than 12,000 students during the Premier Plan Open Enrollment Period.  In order to better serve you, the answers to most questions for enrolling into or waiving out of the Premier Plan are on this website.  If you need additional information about enrolling into or waiving out of the Premier Plan or information about general benefit questions, please contact the Student Health Insurance Office by e-mail, telephone, or by appointment during Open Enrollment.


When is E-mailing SHI Most Appropriate?

Please e-mail Student Health Insurance at, if:

  • You are overseas and do not have access to a telephone during regular business hours;
  • You have submitted a waiver form within the past five business days, you have not received an e-mail from SHI, and you have reviewed your student account but a credit has not yet been posted;
  • You have submitted an acceptance form within the past two weeks, but The United HealthCare Network Pharmacy cannot identify you in their system; or,
  • You need confirmation of receipt of other correspondence.

How Can SHI Properly Identify You In Order to Accurately Respond to Your E-mail?

Use your GU e-mail address when sending an inquiry to SHI. Include your GUID number beginning with an “8” in the e-mail subject line in order to be properly identified.



Please call the GU Student Health Insurance Office, if:

  • You have reviewed the Plan documents and still have enrollment or benefit questions, or
  • You have sent a written claim appeal, but you still believe the claim has not been paid according to Plan Benefits and you would like the Student Health Insurance Office to review your claim.

Please fax documents considered sensitive or confidential to the Student Health Insurance Office.

Phone Numbers

Office Phone Number: 202-687-4883
Fax Phone Number: 202-687-4955

Appointments and Office Hours & Address

Scheduling an appointment

Most communications and transactions can be conducted electronically.  During the Fall Premier Plan Open Enrollment Period, please call to make an appointment to meet with a representative.  The Student Health Insurance Office hours are:

  • 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

Georgetown University Student Health Insurance address

344 Reiss Science Building
Georgetown University
Washington, D.C. 20057

Tel: (202) 687.4883
Fax: (202) 687.4955


The Student Health Insurance staff has a total of 40 years of combined experience at Georgetown University.

Laura Hardman Crosby

Nicky Dixon
Program Coordinator