Waive Coverage

Platinum Premier Plan

Once per Academic Year, most full-time students in a degree program are charged a fee for and required to purchase the Premier Plan unless they waive it with other adequate health insurance that meets the University’s requirements. Students are responsible for knowing their health insurance coverage. Review the Checklist to inform your decision. If you are still in doubt about your other coverage, contact your insurance company (see your ID Card) to request a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) to compare with the Premier Plan’s SBC (new window).

If you have a Spring 2024 Premier Plan fee on your student account and wish to waive it, submit the Spring 2024 Student Health Insurance Premier Plan Acceptance or Waiver Application, linked below, to attest that your other coverage meets the University’s requirements. The Waiver Application must be accessed through your GU Email account in order for it to be captured for processing. Additionally, uploading one pdf of the front and back of your other insurance ID card is required to submit this form.