GAGE-AFT Union Members

The GAGE-AFT Union membership within the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is comprised of the following student workers who have paid dues to the AFT Union:

  • Teaching Assistants;
  • Teaching Associates; and
  • Research Assistants.

Student health insurance premiums and services for which the University pays vary according to student worker descriptions within the GAGE-AFT Union membership.  Details of the premiums and services for which the University pays are in each student’s annual award letter.  In order to take advantage of these offerings:

  • During Open Enrollment, complete the Premier Plan Acceptance Application that corresponds to the charge on your student account to activate the Plan during Open Enrollment.
  • Consider enrollment into the annual Term of Coverage of the Voluntary Dental Plan for students. The effective date for the Fall Term of Coverage is October 1, 2022 through September 30, 2023.  Expect an email from to your Hoya email address in September about this offering.
  • Become familiar with Health Advocate resources. Membership is automatic for GAGE-AFT Union members. NOTE: USE ZIP CODE 20057 WHEN ACCESSING THE HEALTH ADVOCATE MOBILE APP.