Late Enrollment & Qualifying Events

2023-2024 Plan Year

Late Enrollment

During the Plan Year and under specific circumstances, eligible students may enroll themselves and their dependents into the Premier Plan after their applicable Open Enrollment Period (either Fall or Spring). They must maintain their credit hour/degree requirements and apply within 31 days of one of the following:

  • Entering the University
  • Terminating their other coverage during its plan year Open Enrollment Period
  • Becoming involuntarily ineligible by their group health plan due to age or job status.

Qualifying Event

Students who wish to enroll eligible dependents after the applicable Open Enrollment Period must do so within 31 calendar days of acquiring a new dependent through one of the following qualifying events,

  • Birth
  • Adoption
  • Legal guardianship
  • Marriage
  • Primary care, which means that the Insured provides food, clothing, and shelter, on a regular and continuous basis, for the minor grandchild, niece or nephew during the time that the District of Columbia public schools are in regular session
  • After a dependent is involuntarily terminated under another health plan due to age or employment

How to Apply

To apply for Late Enrollment or a Qualifying Event as described above, email for the pro-rated premium and instructions. Include your nine digit GUID number that begins with an “8” in the subject line so you can be properly identified.