Premier Plan Services

2023-2024 Plan Year


Student Health Insurance is responsible for enrollment, advocacy of entitled benefits, negotiations, and Plan design. Below are industry leaders that provide service to our students for various aspects of the Plan.

Telehealth is the claims administrator’s (UHCSR) student telehealth portal, which provides access for non-emergencies services to licensed mental and medical health professionals online or by telephone, 24/7, without charge. UHCSR contracts with HealthiestYou for these mental and medical telehealth services.

Preferred Provider Organization Network (In-network)

United HealthCare Choice Plus, is a national network of thousands of providers that have agreed to offer services at a significant discount.

United HealthCare Network Pharmacy

United HealthCare Network Pharmacy is the pharmacy benefit management company. Call them for prescription costs at 1-855-828-7716. Prior Authorization is required for specific drugs per the RX Drug List at

Pre-certification Company

Paramount Preferred Solutions is the pre-certification company for specific benefits. Call 1-800-525-8548 for in-patient admissions, allergy testing services, and anticipated maternity admissions within 3 months of pregnancy to coordinate health care with covered benefits.

Benefit and Claims Administrator

United HealthCare StudentResources (UHCSR)  services hundreds of other colleges and universities its parent company is United HealthCare (UHC). UHC is the insurance company that has the financial strength to fully insure and hold the financial risk for paying the claims. UHCSR is responsible for:

  • Online ID cards and mailing ID cards
  • issuing policy details
  • claim payments that can be reviewed online or with a claims representative, 1-877-935-5437
  • and many of the other services below

Overseas Assistance Company

UHC Global is the overseas assistance company, 410-453-6330 (overseas call collect) or 1-800-527-0218 within the US.

Discount Network (Not Insurance)

Insurance Agent

Arthur J. Gallagher & Company, Student Health & Special Risk (Gallagher) represents hundreds of other colleges and universities. Gallagher assists with benefit questions during Open Enrollment (1-877-362-5287), coordinates components of the Premier Plan for GU, and provides online Verification of Coverage letters that meets visa requirements and processes change of address transactions. Gallagher also offers other voluntary insurance plans such as vision that any GU student may purchase, which are not sponsored nor endorsed by GU.