Premier Plan Waiver

If you have other insurance that remains in effect throughout your academic year and wish to decline the Premier Plan, complete each waiver question on the online survey. Prompt submission of the waiver questions will help ensure that your student account is properly credited by the time of registration. Before declining the Plan, determine that your current health insurance will cover most inpatient and outpatient services in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Important considerations for waiving the Plan are found under “Checklist for Health Insurance Coverage Before Waiving”.

The deadline for receiving your insurance waiver is either September 15, or January 31, whichever date is the last day of your applicable Open Enrollment Period. You are charged only once per Academic Year. The charge will appear on your student account in the beginning of the semester associated with your applicable Open Enrollment Period. If your waiver is not submitted and approved by the end of your applicable Open Enrollment Period, a policy will be purchased on your behalf and you will be responsible for paying the Premium.


Read our Premier Plan recommendation, then follow our instructions to accept or waive the plan.